Unlike other cities, you will find transportation at a fair price and many options for all pockets. We recommend the following:

Scooter rental

One of our main sponsors.

They offer the most efficient transportation in the whole Banderas Bay, you can park your scooter anywhere. Puerto Vallarta old town and Zona Romantica might be challenging to get a parking space. This is a great alternative if you are staying not so close to the venue of the tournament. Also, if you loose at an early stage, you can take your scooter and go visit surrounding beautiful beaches or towns, you will not regret this.

Other options

Car rental

Any car rental company will serve you great. We recommend to take it from the airport. Just take under consideration that it is hard to find a parking space in Old Town and Zona Romantica.

Uber and InDrive

Great service at fare rates.


Any taxi from the street will serve you well and usually they have similar fares from Uber or Indrive.